Within the next ten years, over 3 billion people will connect to the Internet doubling the online population. The majority of these people will come from the developing world and will connect to the web using mobile phones. This new reality will transform the Internet and presents an opportunity to create massive social and economic change.

Factors for the Next 3 Billion

Let’s look at the factors that go into accessing the Internet.


Clearly, a basic building block is that a country must have a telecommunications infrastructure in place. Fortunately, 85% of the planet’s population already has access to this infrastructure and there are several large organizations working to close that gap.


Many countries that never had a strong landline infrastructure have turned to mobile broadband as a solution. It’s not uncommon for a developing nation to deploy a mix of wireless solutions in their telecommunications plans to make the Internet accessible to the majority of its people. This has made access to mobile bandwidth much more affordable.


Many companies have come on the market with inexpensive Android smartphones and they are selling by the tens of millions. It’s now possible to have a smartphone for about $30 USD, putting this tool within near reach for billions of people. Today, there are more than 600 million smartphone users in China and over 200 million in India.

Going Beyond Access

Within ten years the next 3 billion people be accessing infrastructure, data plans and smartphones and joining the Internet.

Then what.

Real transformative change comes from what happens next. What will the next 3 billion people do with the tools in their hands? How can we help the poorest people on our planet to break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives with these tools?

This is why Tata Communications has launched Next 3B. We are leading a global movement to make a positive difference in the lives of the next 3 billion people on the Internet. Next 3B is a platform for partners to come together to bring bold thinking and creative ideas and turn them into action on the ground.

Next 3B believes that the biggest impact that access to the Internet, bandwidth and smartphones can have the on lives of billions will be economic and social shifts in the areas of:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Education
  • Health

We are focused on creating change in these areas through the transformative power of mobile connectivity in the developing world.

Positive Change Needs Partners

Already, we have two initiatives launching and visionary partners have come on board to work together on creating innovative solutions. So far, our partners are organizations from the areas of telecommunications, financial payment processing, microfinance, and last mile NGOs.

But there is much to be done.

Next 3B challenges you to make a positive difference in the the lives of the most disadvantaged in the world. Join us  to create a better future for the next 3 billion.