Rangu Salgame of Tata Communications and Hugh Evans from Global Citizen were invited by C2 Montreal to speak about The Future of Collaboration. Moderated by Estelle Métayer, Rangu and Hugh shared with the audience of 2000 how their approaches to collaboration have the ability to create social change in an unprecedented way.

Although, both Next 3B and Global Citizen collaborate with key stakeholders, their approaches are different. For Rangu, Next 3B takes a step back and helps “other organizations to look at the problems from different angles” and to look at problems holistically, “rather than saying let’s go and solve this problem ourselves or expect someone large institution to solve the problem.”

Pop Culture Approach

Global Citizen, however, takes a pop culture approach to world poverty. With a problems so large, Hugh knows that “no amount of black tie gala dinners are going to end extreme poverty”. Instead, he looks at how to change systems that keep people poor and seeks out partnerships that can move the needle from a policy point-of-view.

In one example Global Citizen has successfully partnered with Unilever and musician Chris Martin from Coldplay to initiate a campaign to activate the public to encourage the Swedish government to increase spending on water and sanitation resulting in a 5-year commitment that would impact the lives of 60 million people.

Hugh Evans explained, “we always try to use the power of citizens with pop culture with businesses that want to create change.”

Last Mile Partners

When it comes to the reality of empowering women in developing nations to use smartphones to improve their livelihood, Rangu stressed the importance of having partners who can execute a plan on the ground. This “last mile” part of the plan is of the utmost importance to implement a larger vision in real and practical terms with those who will benefit most.

Working with Next 3B partner Trickle Up and other NGOs, together with organizations that do microfinance or other vital services are key. Bringing a variety of partners with different areas of expertise together to collaborate on improving the livelihoods of those in developing nations is essential.

Rangu Salgame

A Culture of Meaningful Work

Hugh Evans started has been called a philanthropic prodigy by the New York Times. From the age of 14, he began humanitarian efforts towards ending global poverty. He started with youth advocacy and volunteerism that has grown into the Global Citizen movement. As a Global Citizen, every action you take through their website earns you points. These points can be redeemed for things like concert tickets or entry to the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park every year which features performances by major pop stars.

In discussing how a culture of meaningful work is a shared value among collaborators, Estelle Métayer noted that for the Tata Group, 66% of profits are redistributed to a Foundation. Rangu elaborated that Tata is a profit-making enterprise, but that giving back makes the work meaningful. These values are an important common denominator for working together with other organizations to tackle major issues like poverty.

More from C2 Montreal

Next 3B were also invited to hold another Masterclass at this year’s C2 Montreal. This year, we expanded on what we did last year when discussing the next 3 billion. We’ll have more details in an upcoming blog post.

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