Last year, Tata Communications held a Masterclass at C2 Montréal to brainstorm ideas on creating business opportunities in serving next 3 billion people who will join the Internet by 2025 who will come mainly from developing nations.

This annual conference in Montréal attracts more than 5000 CEOs, Executives and Senior Managers from around the world to explore the intersection of commerce and creativity while looking at trends, opportunities and disruptions on the horizon.

C2 Montréal invited Rangu Salgame, CEO Growth Ventures and Service Provider Group at Tata Communications to give a keynote speech about the next 3 billion people who will join the Internet and challenged business to think creatively about how to scale and collaborate to serve this market.

The Masterclass

A fundamental way that C2 Montréal is different than most business conferences their emphasis on collaboration and shared experiences to ignite new ideas. In that spirit, Rangu and Tata Communications gave a Masterclass at the conference to look at the impact and development that will take place in business with the future of the Internet.

Next 3B Masterclass at c2 Montréeal

In line with his keynote, Rangu introduced the premise of the Masterclass:

By the year 2025, 6 billion people will have access to the Internet.

What are the business opportunities that will arise from the next 3 billion?


Next 3B at C2 MontréalSimilar to a workshop, the 100 attendees were placed In small groups and led through a series of thought-provoking questions to quickly brainstorm as many ideas as possible for new business opportunities that could take shape to serve the next 3 billion.

What kind of doors could be opened in a fully connected world?

How might connectedness empower us to face challenges in a creative way?

What are the opportunities in the areas of financial inclusion, health and education that will make an impact?

What new possibilities might emerge for us, both as individuals and collectives, in a completely connected world?

Next 3B Masterclass at C2 Montréal

Next, each group had a short amount of time to discuss their ideas and vote for the one that was the most relevant, disruptive or surprising idea that they would pursue as an entrepreneur or business person.

Groups then prepared a short Twitter-style 140 character description with an image that each team delivered on stage in a 60-second pitch while the ideas were illustrated live on stage.

Some of the ideas that were generated included:

  • App for crop analysis and a visual marketplace
  • Solar powered 3D printing vending machine
  • Remote health diagnosis and testing device
  • Open source platform for education with gamification
  • An exchange platform for services or items
  • Mobile app to learn cooking from
  • Market place to share waste products for recycling
  • 3D printing catalog and product delivery via mobile app

The ideas generated from the class were inspiring. Participants left thinking about the opportunities for business in the lives of the next 3 billion people to join the Internet and how those in developed and developing nations can collaborate on solutions to improve lives.

C2 Montréal 2016

Last year’s class was so successful, that Rangu and Tata Communications have been invited back again to offer more opportunities to innovate around the principles of Next 3B.

Rangu Salgame and Hugh Evans, CEO and Founder of Global Citizen will be on a panel at 4 PM on May 24th while the Tata Communications Next 3B Masterclass will be on May 25 at 9 AM. Where last year’s class focused on brainstorming ideas, this year, we aim to bring ideas one step closer to reality and are focusing on prototyping mobile apps for financial inclusion.

Prototyping for Inclusion: Designing apps to improve the livelihoods of women in developing nations. (No technical skills required.)

The session will guide participants through a fast-paced process using a super simple no-skills-needed tool to build a working app prototype. The prototypes are aimed at women in developing nations who are subsistence farmers and small business owners who have no access to basic financial services.

We are excited about this year’s C2 Montréal and hosting the Masterclass. It will be inspiring to see how people will think about the needs of the next 3 billion and the prototypes that will come to life from collaboration.

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