The Next 3B’s mission is to accelerate the economic potential and ensure inclusiveness of the next 3 billion people joining the internet, with a focus on livelihoods and women


What is The Next 3B?

The Next 3B is a global initiative to accelerate and facilitate the positive impact that comes from Internet access and usage in developing countries. The Next 3B accomplishes this by building partner coalitions to holistically overcome the four key barriers to Internet adoption – infrastructure, affordability, relevant content, and user capabilities.

What initiatives has The Next 3B launched?

The Next 3B currently has two pilots. The first pilot in India focuses on smallholder farming women to improve livelihoods, financial access and digital literacy. The second pilot in Rwanda focuses on online government services and digital literacy provided to the community by young ambassadors.

How can we become involved?

The Next 3B depends on a coalitions of partners to address global concerns and regional realities. To help us develop market potential in order to create positive social and economic change in the lives of people in the developing world, please visit our Partners page.

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